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Wellness Coach for Young Adults and Young Professionals | Abbey Jones

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I am excited for you to meet Abbey Jones today! Abbey is a wellness coach who helps young adults and young professionals navigate big transitions. May it be that leap into college, or starting a new career, Abbey comes alongside you and helps tackle limiting beliefs and create a plan and routine to help sustain overall wellness. She has a new program that has just launched, and some freebies for you to check out. If you or someone you know could benefit from Abbey’s coaching, be sure to listen and connect with Abbey today!

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About Abbey

Abby Jones lives in Bloomington, Indiana. She is a certified health and wellness coach who works primarily with students and young professionals who are looking

to jump-start their path into wellness. Often this is during tumultuous times compacted with a lot of changes, so Abbey strives to provide that foundation for wellness to help you not only survive but thrive in your life.

Why Focus on Coaching College Students and Young Adults?

College students first have to learn how to manage the stress around midterms and finals, and young professionals have a lot to navigate as they step out into the world for the first time in a career. It can be hard to stay on track with your wellness during these times, so Abbey loves providing that structure and a sense of stability. Reminding you that when it comes to your wellness, it is something that you can control.

For freshmen in college, they have been living at home with their parents and so wellness and health might have been structured for them. But you take one step into that dining hall for the first time or try the campus gym, and you wonder 'what the heck am I supposed to be doing here?' Abbey remembers that season and has a passion to help them navigate it well.

Once you adapt to college life and find your rhythm there, another big change comes along after graduation. You have to find your footing and place in the world as a young professional. Things are totally different again! Abbey pulls from her own experience and remembers the huge challenges, and applies what has worked for her in terms of wellness in both of these phases of her life. She is passionate about helping people along their journey so that they hopefully don't have to go through the same struggles as she had!

One of the things that Abbey loves about this time period is to really help them transition, and remember that things will likely change again! It is a season of many transitions. Abbey helps you navigate them and gives you tools that are ultimately timeless and can be carried with you into your future.

Signature Program: Self Care 101

Abbey's program, Self Care 101, has two distinct pieces to it. In the first piece, Abbey walks you through 6 weeks of talking about mindset and limiting beliefs and all of the mental blocks that get in the way. Abbey makes it pretty clear that you will not set any goals for the first 6 weeks! Abbey really focuses on going deep right off the bat. This is so important because you need to go into the deeper mental aspects of things before you can tangibly set goals.

The last 6 weeks focus on setting goals and setting practices in place to sustain long-term wellness.

This program is 12 weeks with Abbey with weekly sessions. You have access to all of her resources, workbooks, and the private Facebook group. This also includes a follow-up call about 4-6 weeks after completion of the program to check in and see how things are going and to answer any lingering questions.

Abbey's Tips to Wellness

The first tip is to check out Abbey's free self-care cheat sheet! It is a list that was compiled by Abbey and her friends and family of all their favorite wellness resources. This allows you to try different things that have been vetted by real people. Find something that works well for you, and practice it regularly.

The second tip would be to build in those self-care breaks for yourself. Abbey's number one tip for this is to block that time off on your calendar. Make it as important as a meeting, the same way you block off time for your work or school meetings. That way this is a protected time for you and by others.

The third tip is to make sure you have a time where you physically shut the office door and turn off your work notifications on your phone. If you work from home and you're done with work for the day, give yourself a 20-minute mental commute. So many of us do not have that 20-minute drive home anymore, and we are missing that decompress time after a long workday. Find any way that works for you, music, pets, or talking with your partner, but make sure you give yourself time to decompress. It is a simple practice that will make a big difference.

Advice for Implementing Wellness Advice

Abbey encourages you to make sure the advice you follow is one that works for you, not something that works for someone else. So often when we follow wellness plans they eventually become frustrating because we do not see the same results. This is why having one-on-one time with Abbey can make such a difference, she works hard to build a plan that works specifically for you. Everyone's wellness will look a bit different, and Abbey embraces that.

What Abbey is Learning Right Now

Abbey just go through a season of creating content for her new 12-week program. She is very proud of what she built and can't wait to share it with the world! However, Abbey is now transitioning to productively and strategically getting the word out to people. It feels like a pretty big mental shift right now, but she is excited about opportunities out there to let more people know about her program and how they can work with her!

A Special Offer for Those Listening in 2021!

Abbey has an awesome Black Friday / Holiday sale right now that will end December 31, 2021 - it is a 90 minute intensive for anyone looking to plan ahead for the New Year. It is called the Wellness Wishes and Whys Intensive. If you are interested, connect with Abbey today and find out how you can get started.

Connect with Abbey:

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