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Sales Attraction Coach | Shannon DeSouza

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Shannon DeSouza is a sales machine with years of experience in the software industry. She applies what works and teaches fellow entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with authority and confidence in all facets of their digital footprint. She believes that if we all approach sales from a place of abundance, we will attract the right clients. We talk about how to overcome the digital overwhelm, what consistency really means, and how to get your mind into the game.

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Shannon's Background

Shannon Desouza is a digital marketing strategist and sales mentor. She helps women get online, get visible, and sell more!

Shannon comes from the software industry. She did her undergrad and her master's at the University of Waterloo in business entrepreneurship and technology. Shannon worked for startups for 10 years and grew all the way from being a sales rep to a VP of sales in Sales and Marketing.

When she left Toronto and moved to Vancouver, Shannon realized there were a lot of opportunities, but not enough talent. With that, she focused on being a tech consultant.

However, there weren't a lot of people who did digital. Shannon started attracting a lot of people who wanted to be online to do websites, social media, sales, launches, and campaigns. Shannon turned it into an agency and created an online business, and she's been doing that for 6 years.

Women Struggling in Sales

After hundreds of conversations with clients, Shannon started seeing all of these women struggling with sales. Because sales are part of her background, it flowed and came easy for Shannon.

But why?

Because Shannon doesn't put pressure on herself. She views sales as a conversation to see if there is a way to help and ask questions. If she can help somebody, she absolutely will!

One of the ways Shannon sells is very solution-based. She doesn't have just this one offer that she's trying to fit everybody into! She focuses on her skills and makes sure it aligns with them.

Purposeful Entrepreneurs

Shannon loves to work with purposeful entrepreneurs. She attracts a lot of people who are looking to heal, which probably has a lot to do with her own energy. They tend to be service providers who have their own community or network, but they want to use the internet in a more powerful way to get their message out there.

Digital Marketing Should Fit You

If you are were overwhelmed with the whole marketing process, ask yourself: what are you overwhelmed with? What is working? What's not working? And what are your goals?

Because digital marketing is so vast, there are so many strategies. It is not a one size fits all solution!

Shannon wants you to know, that you do NOT have to do everything! Play to your strengths. The good news is: a lot of traditional sales strategies still work. There's nothing wrong with using those traditional sales strategies.

Social media is only one aspect of your marketing, you could just be doing a referral strategy. Get on those one-to-one calls or just sell through sales calls. There's a lot of burnout in live launches right now, and people think that's the only way they can sell.

That's not true. You can find a sustainable method that works for you.

The Truth About Consistency

It is so important to be consistent. Yes... you hear this all the time and it can be annoying, but you need to understand what it means.

Here is the thing: it takes a long time to build trust! People are watching you.

People have watched Shannon for years, and then one day they eventually call her.

When you have a higher price point, people want to consistently make sure you're in business and continue to get results. They need to see that you're growing, your education is growing and you're serving.

So when Shannon realized that there's a connection between being consistent and reaching the quiet observers, that's where she found her motivation to show up. The quiet ones become your clients! It is not your commenters and engagers, sure they cheer you on, but they are often not your client. Keep showing up for the watchers, it pays off in time.

Can You Share Too Much?

So many people are afraid of sharing too much. Shannon actually has a client right now creating a lead magnet master class, but she's afraid to show the value of the product that she's selling.

The truth is, that's not building trust if people haven't learned anything in the 20 minutes of your master class.

Why would they buy anything from you? People can feel if you're holding back and they think, "I didn't learn anything there" and they're not going to ever buy from you.

They're not even looking at your content anymore!

They're just gone.

#1 Tip for Digital Marketing: Stay In Your Lane!

Don't look at too much content.

Don't look at all of your competitors and your industry. Don't look at your peers! That's when impostor syndrome creeps in. Focus on yourself, stay in your own lane, and remember your zone of genius.

Write out your list of accomplishments and think about the people you've already helped and transformed. It doesn't even have to be in this business, but think about your track record. Focus on the positive. We all have to start from somewhere. Nobody gets to the top by just jumping to the top of the mountain.

Yes, it is true, other people could be further along than you, but they haven't started as you have. We're all competing with ourselves, don't get distracted!

#2 Tip for Digital Marketing: Check your Mindset.

For Shannon, the strategy is not about strategy. Everyone wants strategy. Now strategy does play a part, but if you are mentally not strong enough and have limiting beliefs... strategy won't fix that. That's a mindset problem.

You have to recognize when it's a mindset problem.

What is mindset? Mindset is basically controlling your thoughts to not focus on the negative. Focus on the facts and the positive.

If you're always thinking, "I have no clients!" or "I'm not making enough money!" or "I'm never going to make that 5k, 10k, and 50k month!"....that's a mindset problem. It will get in the way and affect everything you do.

When people are meeting with you, they feel your energy. So if you're in a place of abundance and you're truly wanting to serve and help, people are attracted to that. If you're in a place of scarcity where you are grasping for the sale out of fear of starving... they can feel it.

When you're showing up online, posting, doing interviews, or when you're doing sales calls, you have to maintain that energy of integrity. It's two people dancing here. Stop caring too much about the end result and let them be the ones who say no. What if they say no? Just move on, it's okay.

Next time you get on a call and you're worried, scared, or unsure if you're going to close the client again, detach yourself from that. If they are not your client, it just means that you're opening yourself up for the client that is supposed to actually be there.

Ways to Connect and Work with Shannon

Join the Facebook Group

Shannon has a Facebook group for everyone interested in finding their voice in sales! This is one way you can observe Shannon and ask her questions. It's a beautiful community of women who are wanting to be surrounded by other winners and cheerlead each other on. This is not a competitive place, it is all about winning together.

Shannon's Sales Program

Shannon also has a sales program that is very specific to just sales calls. If you are getting leads and then on a call, but you cannot close them... there's a problem with your sales call.

Maybe you don't know how to do a discovery call, how to ask questions to qualify, or the process of how to run a sales call. Maybe you don't know how to track your leads, or you don't know how to build a pipeline. Shannon teaches you all of this through her program!

Unlimed 30-Minute Calls

Shannon also has a program that can be added on to receive unlimited 30-minute calls to support you for 6 months. This is if you need a strategy session, or you have a deal that you need to close and you want Shannon to give feedback, that's what Shannon can do for you.

What is Shannon Learning Right Now?

Shannon loves investing in herself so she can turn around and bring that energy back to her clients.

She just recently hired a new coach! Shannon is really pumped about this because it is all about scaling and systems. Being in software, Shannon has a good background for this, but this is also another hole that she sees with female entrepreneurs. If you want to make that coin, you need to have that foundation and build processes and systems. Shannon has a big vision for what she wants to do! She wants to help people tackle the lead generation side of things because a lot of women are great in their zone of genius, but they need help bringing the leads in. They need help closing it on calls, and Shannon is now leaning into that third part - how to set up your systems and processes.

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