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Productivity & Accountability Coach | Alesha Smith

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Alesha is a lawyer by day and a coach throughout, and she helps biz-e-preneurs unleash their unique superpowers through productivity and accountability coaching! Alesha knows what it takes to balance your business and have various things pull you in different directions. She shares with us some basic tips and tricks and encourages you to put yourself out there. So be brave and tackle the jumbled parts of your business and listen to today’s episode!

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About Alesha

Alesha goes by Coach Lee and she is a criminal defense attorney by day, but a productivity and accountability coach throughout. She primarily helps women "biz-e-preneurs" (a term she came up with) to help them unleash the superhero within so they can start putting themselves and their goals first.

So often people put others first, and neglect themselves and put their skills last.

Alesha is all about helping you put yourself first so you're able to put others in good light as well.

A Typical Coaching Client for Alesha

Alesha serves the busy business owner. Her clients tend to be moms and people who are trying to start their own businesses. Alesha is an attorney and running her own business at the same time, so she knows what it is like! Alesha works well with multi-passionate people who are trying to do multiple things in various areas. She helps you get yourself organized and productive.

What Brought Alesha to Her Coaching Career

Alesha became a coach because others for years have been telling her that she would make a great coach. At first, Alesha pushed back because she is a lawyer and loves the law. Plus, when would she find the time to be a coach?! But when COVID hit, she found herself working from home with more free time. During this time Alesha found certification for life coaching and realized right away this was something she was meant to do. Especially since she has been coaching naturally in her social media posts and stories forever! So Alesha's coaching business was born! She became certified, registered her LLC, and opened for business!

First Thing Alesha Focuses on with a New Client.

First thing Alesha tackles is the mindset. She finds that you are often hiding behind who you really are for various reasons. Sometimes it's because your kids, spouse, job, and business all need a piece of you. It can be easy to hide behind 'whatever needs me' and that becomes your identity. Maybe you feel like you can't do "that thing" you desire to accomplish.

Alesha explains to her clients that fear = procrastination.

She starts with mindset because that's how you prepare for the whole game.

#1 Tip - Change your Perspective

One phrase Alesha says a lot is, "change your perspective, change your mindset, change your life." Perspective is the way you look at things, so if you change that then ultimately you're going to change the way you think as well. Once you change the way you think, your whole life can change. This is so important because in a sense people don't want to think about this. People really just want the end result and the solution. However, the reason they haven't been able to be consistent and productive is that they try to get to the end result without working on the mindset!

#2 Tip - Write it Down!

If you want to increase your productivity, write it down! Get it out of your head. This is the number one reason why you can't get a lot of stuff done. You forget about things because you're at your job thinking about what you need at home, or at home thinking about what you need to do at work. Simply take the time to write it down, whether that's on paper or on your phone. Take all of the ideas, get them on paper, and be free to focus on them and create a game plan. Even if it's simple stuff such as what you need from the grocery store, Alesha encourages everyone to write it down.

#3 Tip - Categorize your List!

So now that you have this master list of all these things, you need to categorize it.

Organize the 'home stuff' from the ' business stuff' and make their own lists, and take these into those areas of your life.

From there you look at your week and look at what is going on because we all have seasons where your productivity ebbs and flows. Take note of immediate needs and prioritize them accordingly. Make sure the top priority things get done!

How to Put Your Business out there Online

There is a big push out there to get your face online, but for some, they are just not ready yet. Sometimes you don't start with actually showing your face. Present your voice first. Maybe do a voice-over for your product, or a video of you doing something business-related. Start small! You don't necessarily jump out there and be big right away.

Alesha was working with a client who was talking about how she had a Youtube channel, and she was struggling between having ready to go but not feeling ready to put herself out there. She feared being criticized. Alesha challenged her to have her YouTube channel start as private, and only share the videos with those she sends a link to and move up from there.

It is important to start where you're at and move forward from there!

Alesha also had to work through this personally as well. At first, she didn't want it to be all about "Coach Lee" and planned on standing behind her logo. But she quickly realized: how can I build a personal brand without a person? That is true for all of us!

Working with Alesha

Alesha has a couple of different packages people can choose from when working with her. One option is a productivity strategy session for those who just need the schedule and organization for their current season. They can come back and make a new schedule as needed!

Most of Alesha's coaching packages are 6 weeks long and then at the end of that time, you can renew or come back if you need to. Alesha makes sure her packages work for you!

What Alesha is Learning Right Now

Alesha considers herself a development junkie, so she is always learning something. Right now she is learning about her systems. People are often commenting on how she is able to do so much, and she realized it had a lot to do with her habitual systems. Now she is working on being more intentional by identifying her own systems and putting them down on paper.

In time she wants to infuse this into her program so people can browse a collection of systems and select one based on their needs. This way people can pick a system they need and apply it.

Most importantly above all else, Alesha wants you to start. Start small. Take that first step. Just start.

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