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Pinterest for Business Expert | Missy Campbell

Updated: Apr 19

Missy Campbell is a business strategist who provides a done-for-you Pinterest setup to optimize your business online. Missy helps creatives and business owners grow and increase their visibility with Pinterest! Pinterest is an evergreen search engine, and with some strategy, you can create organic traffic to your business indefinitely. She explains how Pinterest works and how to optimize your Pinterest with very little maintenance yet create LOTS of visibility! Missy is excellent at breaking things down into simple, sustainable steps and she really shows this in today’s episode!

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About Missy

Missy Campbell lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her four kiddos, husband, and two dogs. Her husband is retired from the army and she runs a full-time online business at home.

Pinterest as a Search Engine

Missy explains that Pinterest is a missed opportunity in marketing and truly flips the way you think about your business and social media. Pinterest is not social media! Which is great for those who find social media draining. You can have your marketing up and running without having to get followers and create content constantly.

So Pinterest is a search engine just like Google. You can let go of trying to get followers and all of that stuff and just focus on how the search engine part of Pinterest works. You can focus on setting up your account to show up in search results, and then you're good to go!

Pinterest is very different from social media in that the posts last forever. Missy explains they have a shelf life of forever - versus a social media post where you might get 6 days out of it (if it goes viral). You can create things once and as long as it's optimized, it can work for you for years and years and years. Therefore, you don't need to create nearly as much content. And you don't need to worry about getting followers.

There are so many benefits to Pinterest and it's still an emerging marketing platform. Recently Missy sees people branching out who are not the traditional people you would think of on Pinterest. It is not just a food, crafts, or a parenting-related business platform! It is growing and expanding and has a place for almost everyone.

What you need to be Successful on Pinterest

You don't have to have a blog or a podcast to be successful with a Pinterest account. You can grow your email list, grow a Facebook group, or sell through Pinterest. You will need some landing pages where you can send people, or just use pages on a really basic website where you can share your content with others.

How to Start Using Pinterest for your Business

Going back to the fact that Pinterest is a search engine, you need to start to think about what words and phrases people are going to search for when they look for your offer. The best way to do that is to just sit down and start to brainstorm.

1. Research

Who do you know who has created similar things that you create? Who has a similar customer or client base? Start looking them up!

Study how they are using Pinterest. What do their boards look like? What are the names of their boards? What kind of keywords have they used? You can also go in and see who they follow and who their followers are.

Just start to go down this rabbit hole of how are people using Pinterest in your niche.

2. Create your Keyword List

As your doing this research, start a keyword list. Jot down keywords that come up in phrases that you're seeing over and over again.

With those keywords, you're going to start to apply those things to your bio and to the names of your boards, the descriptions of your boards.

3. Create your Pins

When you create pins (which are the images) there's also a description (that can be quite lengthy) where you can include all kinds of search engine-friendly phrases and keywords. Right now hashtags are back in on Pinterest, they've come in and out of style over the years, but they're back in right now. Be sure to use hashtags as well!

For your core pieces of content, like growing your email list or growing your Facebook group, Missy recommends creating your Pin directly on Pinterest. Ensure that everything is optimized perfectly as these pins do live on forever.

Focus on coming up with four core things that you want to promote, and make 3 - 4 separate pins for each of them. If you just switch out the color and switch out the copy on the image, Pinterest considers that to be a fresh piece of content. You can make 10 images that all go to the same place because Pinterest sees each individual image as a fresh piece of content.

Pinterest really loves fresh content! You never know which one is going to be the one that people will be attracted to. As much as we like to think we might know, you will be amazed. It is good to have some variety, so you can observe which one takes off rather than trying to guess which one it might be.

There are also promoted pins. So once you notice a pin is taking off exponentially well, that could be a great time to put $20 dollars behind it and see what happens.

SEO Power of Pinterest

What Missy loves about knowing the keywords and getting everything set up, is that once it's done, your account is pretty much on autopilot!

Because it's a search engine, it's just like having a really nicely optimized website with SEO. It can work for you for years to come!

Another bonus is that a really well-optimized Pinterest account actually shows up really well in Google results. When Missy searched her name the other day (and she has a pretty common first and last name) there are many, many people on the first page, and even when stacked against the many professionals - her Pinterest account was on the very first page.

Once you've spent about 10 hours doing the research, make a plan about what you want to drive traffic to. There are lots of templates in Canva, so it's perfect. You can just switch out your branding, find some stock photos, and then just start creating pins and get them up on your Pinterest. Pin them to your boards and make sure everything is optimized and then it's good to go! It will just keep on working for you!

Missy's Strengths in her Business

Missy's biggest superpower is all wrapped into her business' name: Simplicity. She loves to look over a business where the owner feels overwhelmed and to just say, "oh well actually it's just these 3 things you need to focus on"

Missy loves to create a system or a process where the next time she does a specific task, all she has to do is go through a checklist. She doesn't even have to use her brain. Missy loves creating those checklists and documenting what she did because the next time she does it, she doesn't have to google it. You don't want to have to figure it all out again! She saves herself three hours, even if she only does it one more time.

This is something Missy loves to help others do as well, creating a process where you delegate entire responsibilities. That is so satisfying.

Working with Missy

All of Missy's packages include coaching and that sometimes evolves into helping with more things. Even her "done-for-you Pinterest" services include a 90-minute coaching session at the end. This is because she gets to know their business so well in the process of doing all the research, setting up their account, and really understanding their niche. Missy likes to sit down with them for 90 minutes and show them what she's learned, how it's part of their marketing strategy, and how they can continue to maintain it in a minimal way. After Missy sets up the Pinterest account, it will continue to work for them over and over!

What Missy is Learning Right Now

Missy has been in the business strategy space for exactly 3 years, and she has been learning to have more self-awareness. Missy knows how she works and is really giving herself permission to stop doing certain things. It can be easy to believe that one person's strategy will work for everybody, but Missy realizes that that's not true at all! Everyone needs to embrace the fact that if we get to know ourselves, know how we work and know the big vision for our business, then we can work in a way that feels good and that it's sustainable. That's so important.

You can reach a point where there's no way you can complete everything and get to all the people on your waiting list. It's good to know ahead of time, sit down, and ask, "What do I want my business to look like?"

It can be scary at first because you want to say yes to everything, and there's a season for not saying yes to everything. Saying yes to things that are maybe a little bit outside of what your ideal business model is good to do from time to time. Missy always says we're getting paid to learn! We might learn that we actually love this new thing that we didn't know we loved!

Missy's Pinterest Course - Coming Soon!

Missy is working on creating a Pinterest offering that will be coming out early in 2022. She had so many people reach out to her and ask, "Why don't you have a course?" so she has decided to finally make one!

Missy has a little bit of a waiting list, which is exciting, and is making the time to create this course and has just another thing that she can have available to help people

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