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Live Launch Expert and Business Strategist | Angela Sundust

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Today we talk with Angela Sundust about scaling up your business and implementing a strategy that moves your business forward! Angela helps service-based entrepreneurs elevate their businesses through speaking and live launches so they can scale without having a huge audience. Angela shares her experience of branching out with her second language and teaching business owners to focus on their audience’s real problems - not just the ones we think they have. This episode gives you an excellent taste of what it will be like to work with Angela, and she packs some awesome tips everyone can use.

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About Angela

Angela is from Sweden and English isn't her first language and currently living in the south of Spain. Angela is a live launch expert and she helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses by doing live launches and one to many offers.

Angela first started working as a truck driver living in the truck from Sunday to Friday every week. After 15 years she decided, "no more" and sought to work with her passion: fitness. Angela got a license as a personal trainer and wanted to work online.

She saw all these amazing fitness teachers working online and just thought, "how hard can it be?" ... and it didn't work out. She didn't know what she was doing.

Angela ended up building a home fitness with a company that had the platforms, and this was how she got the hang of the online work world. She wanted to get out of the trucking business so she hired a business coach and was able to scale her business.

Angela built a fitness business where she helped women in menopause to lose weight and to feel comfortable about themselves. Angela sold everything through challenges and webinars and got really good at it.

About one and a half years ago Angela wanted to help women in Sweden to do webinars, and that is how she ended up doing what she does now. When she launched her program in Sweden she saw such a huge transformation for women and really found her sweet spot.

About 6 months ago Angela launched her business in English. She went from having a Swedish audience to an international audience. Angela had to overcome her concerns of being able to do her job in English, knowing she speaks English well but uncertain about her accent. But stepping out into another language has given her so much passion to encourage others to step out and do hard things as well. She did it, why can't you?

It has actually become her biggest magnet, she shows up as herself! People are drawn to that.

How to Launch to a Small Audience

Angela teaches her clients that you do not need to do hours on social media or pay for ads - but rather focus on live launches. You simply attract a small audience because the truth is: you actually do not need a huge audience to sell. Focus on quality leads. There are so many people online, so you need to stand out by simply being yourself!

Angela explains that you need to know your audience's needs, not what you "think" they need. Get to know what kind of results they want and what kind of problems they face. You need to talk to them and speak their language. You will find that a lot of people are not doing this! A lot of people talk about themselves and just talk about their programs and not focus on the audience and where they are coming from. It is also important to focus on one core outcome and have a crystal clear and simple message. Do not confuse your audience in what you do, but become the expert by always talking about the same thing.

How to Elevate your Bussiness

If you look out in the online space, there are a lot of followers. To stand out you don't need to come up with a crazy idea that nobody is doing, because it's not going to work. You need to take what is actually working but turn it into yours. This requires switching your mindset from being a follower, to a leader in your niche.

Even if there are a lot of people doing live launches as you do, there is nobody that does it like you. Take your blueprint, your system, and own it. It is really important that you don't copy and paste! The easiest way to elevate above others is to just be yourself and talk about others and their needs.

How do you Find out what Your Audience Needs?

The easiest way to discover your audience's needs is simple: ask them. Let's say your focusing is on young moms, and you want to help them cook vegan food. Go out in groups where there are moms hanging out and ask them if they want to learn how to cook vegan food, and what they think is the biggest problem. Somebody's going to say, "yeah, it's too expensive." or "It takes too much time." Write them down, memorize them, and center all of your talking points around these. If you never ask your audience you can never know what their needs are! Because the only thing you end up talking about are the needs that you think they want and the program you think they want to buy. Don't just think about it, know it!

This is why focusing on the specific problems and speaking directly to them helps so much. It stops you from offering too many things people don't really want and keeps it simple.

Angela's Strengths as a Coach

When you're in Angela's program, she never lets you quit. She is the master at getting people unstuck and moving forward. She often finds that you just need clarity. If you're overwhelmed by programs, or content, or whatever it is, you tend to make it too complicated. Often the trick is to simplify, implement it and keep going. Angela is a master at that.

Angela's biggest quality as a coach and mentor is to make her clients take imperfect action. Move forward even if it's not perfect because guess what: it will never be perfect. Angela's first live was really bad, but because she stepped out and did her 'really bad live' she was able to get to where she is today.

When you look over and see someone out there doing exactly what you're doing and killing it, the only difference between you and them is that they took action. It is better to go out there with something and improve it as you go than sit back and wait until it's perfect. It is the same in sports. If you want to run the hundred-meter race, but you won't run until you have studied enough and are convinced you will be perfect: you will never run that race.

It is the same thing for your business. Get out there and keep doing it over and over, and things will start to click.

What Angela is Learning Right Now

Angela has decided a long time ago that she will no longer struggle on her own, not in her business or personal life. Right now Angela has joined an entrepreneur society to learn how to build a team. She knows nothing about structuring a team and wants to learn how to go about team building. Angela is working towards setting up teams for the front end and back end of her business. Before this, she had no idea her business even had a front and back end!

Angela truly believes in investing in yourself and in your business, especially since she is asking other business owners to do the same. It is one of the best ways to scale up your business to the next level!

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