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Go From People-pleasing to Empowerment with Kelsey Graffis

Updated: Apr 19

Kelsey helps women stranded in people-pleaser mode to reclaim themselves to live their most empowered life by making themselves the priority. Women give and continue to give so much to others, and this cycle often leads to burnout. When you realize life isn’t meant to feel this way, Kelsey is ready to help you get back in touch with who you are to your core. She knows what it takes and how it feels to finally step into an empowered life. Listen to her “Fulfilled Method”, her new adventures in her business, and how she personally navigates times of transition.

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Who is Kelsey?

Kelsey is an empowerment coach living in the good ol' Midwest in Nebraska. She helps women who are stranded in people-pleasing mode, helping them to reclaim themselves and step into their most empowered life by making themselves a priority.

Kelsey is in the process of shifting her business and leaning more towards helping women who have full-time businesses or side hustles. She will help businesswomen reclaim themselves so that they can step forward as their most empowered selves.

Kelsey's Fulfilled Method

Kelsey coaches with her "Fulfilled Method" and helps you go from feeling empty, drained, and wondering why we can't just be happy - to finally step into a life that feels fulfilling. This journey is a four-step process.

Step 1 - CLARITY

The process begins with clarifying. Get clear on where you want to go, whether that's in a certain aspect of your life or in your business. You cannot simply say, “this is where I want to go because this coach told me to do this.” or you saw this one person being successful doing one thing… so that's what you want to do now.


If Kelsey sees you take on others' dreams or visions, she stops you right there. The ultimate goal of her work is to get you in touch with yourself and lead every aspect of your life for you - not for anyone else.

Kelsey was stuck in that mode of living life for everyone else for a very long time, and it's not worth it. It's not fulfilling at all! That's why this clarifying piece is so important and why it's the first thing you do because nothing is going to get better until you get clear.

Step 2 - RELEASE

In this step, Kelsey moves into the releasing process, and that's where you start to release and let go of those stories that have kept you choosing life for other people. Let go of the self-doubt that kept you from doing something out of the box.

Often in this entrepreneurial world, there’s a lot of judgment from people who aren't in it and who don't get it. This keeps a lot of us from fully serving in our highest light and allowing ourselves to show up as our most authentic selves. You are afraid of what other people are going to think!

In the releasing phase, you work through those limiting beliefs and the experiences you've had in the past that have created these fears. And you release them!


In this step, you rewrite and change those stories that have negatively impacted you. You can change your mindset to decide what success is for you.

You get to decide where that success comes from! You get to decide how to get there and begin the work to believe those new stories.


The last phase is just more structural, which is just integrating. You take the work you've done and set up your life so that you're consistently showing up for that next level. You’re consistently living that fulfilled life.

For example, in that phase, there's a lot of work around boundaries and time management. Those structural pieces support you to be successful in your journey.

It's Ok to Throw Spaghetti at the Wall!

In this world, there are so many beautiful coaches! They have so many beautiful strategies. But if you're not behind it, and if your skillset doesn't align with it, it’s not going to be a successful strategy for you.

For example, if you're starting out in your business journey and you're really shy - guess what? Committing to getting on live videos with multiple people every day of the week, is not where you want to start. You want to start smaller and build up the confidence to remove the shy piece.

It's just a matter of throwing spaghetti at a wall and figuring out what works for you.

Clues you are Ready to Work with Kelsey

The first sign you are ready to work with Kelsey is when you realize that everything you're doing is for everyone else. This can be second nature!

For example, you're planning your content for the week (we all do it!). But as you’re planning your content you find yourself backspacing over and over. You keep thinking, “Oh, that's not what they want to hear!”, or “someone's going to say this or think this...”, or “oh, this post is going to rub someone the wrong way.” These are all signs that you're doing this for everyone else.

Obviously, in the business world, you’re in service. You want to serve and show up for your people. However, none of this will work if you are not true to who you are.

So if you're creating the post, writing the email, doing a podcast interview, or an Instagram live and you find yourself questioning what you're saying: that's a sign. That's a prime time to come talk to Kelsey because those are the things that you're going to work through.

Navigating Business Transitions

It was probably a month or so ago now when Kelsey thought maybe it was time to start thinking about transitioning. Her business hit a lull, and she was in problem-solver mode.

What does she need to do?

Is it a new program?

Is it creating different types of content?

Kelsey reflected on the interactions she had with women and realized so many were businesswomen. She realized there was something to this.

As Kelsey navigates her own business transition, she has practiced checking in with her people-pleaser and making sure she's not just doing this to make others happy. Her advice? Make sure it's feeling good for you.

Walk boldly into your transitional season.

Don't question.


Start to explore.

Ways to Work with Kelsey

Kelsey has 1:1 packages and always strives to create a package that fits you. She has an intensive coaching package, which is a 3-month journey. She also has a mentorship, which is a 5-week journey.

You can also select Voxer coaching if you're not ready to fully step in and do the deep deep work, but you could use some accountability or encouragement.

Kelsey believes it is not one size fits all, she’s here to help you in a way that feels good to you. She knows what it's like to be on the other side and to see someone you want to learn from. You show up on that call to realize it will be a 6-month process and it's going to cost X amount of dollars… and that’s not where you are at right now.


That's okay. We're all at different places.

Kelsey's mission is to have a little shop, so you can find a package that's going to fit you perfectly.

What Kelsey is Learning Right Now:

Kelsey is learning about her spirituality allowing herself to open up these spaces to connect with her higher self. She was lucky enough to go on a spiritual/business-based retreat a couple of months ago. It had a lot of breathwork, meditation, and sound healing. This experience helped her realize that this was the work she needed to do.

For so long Kelsey thought she needed the strategy masterminds, only work with coaches who are going to teach her strategy. She assumed she knew how to take care of herself and had her morning practice that she’s committed to. But this retreat allowed her to go deeper and connect closely with her mission.

So right now, she is just exploring all of the different realms of spirituality! She is taking herself on the journey that she takes her clients, rediscovering who she is.

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