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Facebook and Instagram Ads Specialist and Marketing Strategy | Lauren Egeland

Updated: Apr 19

Lauren Egeland creates ads for Facebook and Instagram to help generate more traffic to your sales funnel. Lauren believes that an ad is an important piece of the puzzle, but not the only piece - you need to generate traffic to a sales page that works. This is why she examines the entire process from start to finish and offers copywriting services. She is not interested in simply creating ads that strong-arm people to buy in. Lauren stands for ethical sales that speak directly to your audience. She also shares some marketing strategies that you can apply to your business today!

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About Lauren

Lauren lives in rural Iowa in a town of about 800 people. She is married and has two little boys who are three and two - so they keep them on their toes all the time! Lauren enjoys having clients from all over the world from her small town, it is one of the amazing parts of working online!

Lauren is the owner of Lauren Egeland Marketing. She creates Facebook and Instagram ads for business owners and also provides copywriting services. It became apparent that nothing kills an ad campaign faster than poorly written copy! So Lauren is able to offer copywriting for clients who need those services as well.

Pulling all the pieces together to create a successful ad campaign from start to finish is Lauren's specialty.

Where to Start with an Ad Campaign.

1. Get Clear on your Goals

Lauren first helps you define your goals. What are you trying to achieve through your ads? After assessing this, you may find you don't need ads! Lauren believes in being honest with you, because placing an ad on top of your business before you are ready or have clear goals, will not provide happy results.

One common goal to start with is list building. Ads can be a great way to grow that really quickly!

2. Scaking up your Business

The next stage is when you're looking to scale your business. At this point, Lauren makes sure you sold your product, course, or service before. It needs to be validated that people want this. Yes, you can run ads to something you've never sold before, it is just a bigger risk. You may spend some money and realize that your messaging is off, or the offer isn't quite aligned with what people are looking for - and you have to go back to square one.

When Ads Fail

Most ad campaigns fail because the presentation is off. Maybe nothing about the offer needs to change! A lot of course creators and coaches have incredible material, but the presentation is off and it doesn't take off. Lauren spends a lot of time getting all of that sorted out before you start scaling with ads.

Lauren always tells everyone: ads don't fix a broken funnel. If it's not converting organically, ads are just fuel to the fire. If there's no fire, it's going nowhere.

The Power of Email Marketing

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don't start email marketing soon enough. If you're a service provider, have an opt-in box on your website. Even if you don't have a plan or intend to email quite yet, start to build that database so when you are ready you have a starting point.

Everyone always starts small and everyone has a square one: don't be ashamed of where you may be right now!

Your email list is such a powerful marketing tool. A lot of people will say emails are dead, but the data shows us otherwise. It definitely works together with ads and marketing very well.

Marketing is so much more about building that relationship with your customer base. You have an opportunity to have longer conversations through social media, and you're competing for attention all the time. So building these relationships is really what ultimately makes sales for your business.

Ethical Sales Copy

What people often think of when they think of sales are the pushy sales tactics - the overbearing methods that are misleading. It is very important for Lauren that she is writing ethical copy. She wants to place triggers within the copy to help people make a decision, but when copy forces people into decisions with high-pressure tactics you end up with higher refund rates and different things on the back end. Because customers ultimately regret their purchase! Sure, you get a lot of buyers, but now you also have a lot of buyers remorse. That's what she wants to avoid.

Lauren focuses on building more ethical marketing tactics on the front end. This is a big part of her business! She wants to work with people that are truly out to help others. If you're just after the sales and you don't care what's happening to your customer, for one you're not going to be a business very long, (because word travels fast), but two it's really apparent in your material as well!

Not that Lauren disagrees with making money - the more money we make, the more people we can help. But you have to come from that ethical standpoint. You need to truly want to help and serve people.

Holistic Approach to Marketing

A lot of ad managers just build the ads. But what happens when your copy or landing page isn't working? The ads won't work. In this case, you will need to find someone to help with your copy,

So what Lauren does is take a holistic approach to all of your marketing. She wants to look at everything, see where you're losing people and where you might be having issues. Where in the messaging are people dropping off?

Because when all the other parts are successful, her ad campaigns are successful too.

Lauren doesn't want her ads existing in a silo. She wants them to compliment everything else that you're doing and build off of each other. Your marketing needs to have multiple touchpoints. People need to see an email here and there, an ad here, and another ad there followed up with another. You really need all three working together!

Increasing Conversions

Lauren audits everything for her customers and goes through a-z of their whole sales funnel. Looking at everything from email sequences, weekly emails, and landing pages. Usually, it just needs some little tweaks here and there. But for others, she will start over from scratch.

It just depends on who needs what and where they are in their business. A lot

of people are coming to Lauren with something, and she's usually just making the tweaks to take it from converting to converting like crazy. Sometimes it's literally just changing a few words around, or adding in another word and taking one out! Your conversion goes from 20 percent to 50 percent just like that.

Sometimes's is just changing the color of the call to action button! (hint: always go for bright colors)

How to Get Started with your own Marketing.

You need to start with the end in mind. Look at the offer, and ask "how am I reaching the right people who are struggling? What's their first level of emotion, and what words are they using to describe it?" Use their land language. Stalk them in Facebook groups, read the comments - find one struggle they need to solve right now. Help them solve that! Later on, they may be ready for the higher-level products/services you're going to offer.

Building an organic audience is becoming more important than ever, so focus on building followers. Find ways to get yourself visible. The biggest thing is being visible online and being seen in a lot of different places. Especially when you're first starting out! Get on other live Instagram shows, be a speaker in a group, and post questions in groups your ideal client is hanging out. Those are all great options!

Do not underestimate the power of video. Get on those reels, your stories, and videos, and do not be afraid to put yourself out there. People are looking for authentic people, so don't be afraid to start building those audiences and those followers and go from there.

People are going to hear from you on multiple points and they do need to hear from you often. They say on average people need to hear from you 7 to 10 times before they make a decision, whether either to move forward with working with you or just start interacting with your posts!

Google Analytics and Current Trends!

Laren has been diving into a lot of Google analytics due to an ios update that happened from Apple that's really impacted Ads. Google Analytics has been helpful in understanding where the traffic is coming from. So Lauren has been doing a lot of nerdy data tracking, but it is very helpful to understand!

Marketing is a moving target, and for ads, it moves faster than ever. A lot of it depends on trends and how people are interacting with stuff on social media. Social media continues to evolve and change. Now everything is about the reels and TikTok, and it is reflected in our marketing. The videos may seem annoying and dumb, but they are working very well! It gets people's attention, and you have to capture everyone's attention the first couple of seconds or they swipe up.

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