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Virtual Assistant for General Administration | Skyla Stamsos

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Today we have a new and noteworthy business owner, Skyla Stamsos! Skyla is a virtual assistant who specializes in general admin and data entry. She treats your business like it is her business, and gets all the necessary details accomplished for you. I met Skyla in a Facebook group, and one of the things that I noticed right away was her enthusiasm and her go-getter attitude! So if you're looking for a general virtual assistant, who can help you organize and do all those necessary things in the background, Skyla is your girl.

And also for fellow virtual assistants who are starting off or having a rough season, Skyla gives you some really good encouragement on how to keep going and flip that mindset around so you keep pushing forward.

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Skyla as General Virtual Assistant

When it came to hosting my first "new and noteworthy" episode, I knew right away I wanted to have Skyla Stamsos as a guest. I have been watching her in a Facebook group, and she has been developing her business as a VA like a boss.

Skyla's background is in healthcare, so when she started her virtual assistance business she was open to doing anything. She found out pretty quickly, however, that social media management and blog management were not for her! She has switched her focus to data entry and general administration. Recently, she has helped a client set up an electronic invoice system, and loved it. Skyla is passionate about organization and continues to explore new ways she can assist her clients.

The Type of Clients Skyla Serves

When it comes to choosing who Skyla work's with, she has decided not to narrow it down to a specific market but focus on the values of her clients. After working years in a job that gave minimal appreciation for her work ethic, she now seeks someone who sees the value of her work. Skyla comes alongside other business owners as a business owner herself, and provides much-needed relief!

Business owners can be so busy, that when Skyla comes along they quickly realize they actually need assistance more than they initially thought. Skyla thrives on noticing the million little details that need to be done, and accomplishes them efficiently.

Skyla works best with business owners who view their relationship as a partnership. She keeps them accountable and helps them focus on what matters. One of the most important ingredients of this partnership for Skyla is communication. She encourages all business owners who are onboarding a virtual assistant to focus on communication, as this is an important tool for success.

Skyla's Strengths

First and foremost, one of Skyla's strengths is her mindset. This spills over on how she gets her clients to think about their business as well. She understands that no one goes into business to work 24 hours a day, but rather to be their own boss and get out of the nine to five rat race. She gives her clients the freedom to go to their son's baseball game, or their daughter's dance recital, and be able to focus on the basics that got them into business in the first place. Skyla completely understands how hard it is for business owners to give up control. She works hard to offer the security needed to help them hand over a piece of their baby, knowing that she would treat their business just like her own. Skyla brings trust and confidence to the table, and she believes that her work is more than just making a quick buck.

What Skyla is Learning Right Now:

Skyla has been learning a lot about her mentality. She understands firsthand what it is like to start a business with a lot of momentum and hit that plateau moment. Giving up was never an option for her. Skyla poured the last of her money into starting her virtual assistance business, and even on the days when she did not want to network and find clients, secretly hoping they just come to her... she has found a way to push through.

Skyla also has learned the importance of setting boundaries and standing up for herself. Most of her clients are all amazing, but she has learned to recognize the signs of an unhealthy dynamic and put her foot down when necessary. If the communication is not strong, and it gets in the way of doing her job well, she has found the backbone to address it. She believes that you teach people how to treat you, and wants all business owners to embrace this going forward.

Skyla would be an awesome VA to have on any team, and if her skill set matches your needs I highly encourage you to reach out today!

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We also mentioned a Facebook group we are both in: if you are a VA or looking to get into the business we highly recommend Aubrey Malick’s podcast Freelancer to CEO!

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