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Ensuring YOU Get Paid in your Business | Money Coach - Janet Mercredi

Updated: Apr 19

Janet firmly believes that owning your own business comes with its challenges, but struggling to survive should NOT be one of them. Janet helps get your financial house in order so you can focus on WHY your business exists rather than HOW it exists! She will show you how to get paid a consistent wage from your business, plus a bonus every quarter. Janet is not just an expense in your business, she is a partner in your business and always has your back. Listen to this episode to also learn about how she helps her clients receive a bonus and encouragement to streamline your processes!

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A Little About Janet Mercredi

Janet is a money coach who lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. She has a background in bookkeeping and taxes and is now a certified profit-first professional.

About 6 years ago Janet worked full time for other employers and did bookkeeping on the side - starting just like a lot of other bookkeepers, just trying to get some clients. In 2018 Janet decided to start her own bookkeeping firm, and during tax season assisted with taxes.

From Bookkeeping to Money Coach

This season of her business taught her a lot, but Janet wanted to look for something more. Don't be mistaken: bookkeeping is a needed necessity! It's an admiral profession. Janet absolutely loves bookkeepers and accountants, because they house a lot of information and help their clients in multiple ways!

But Janet found bookkeeping only manages what happens in the past. The business owner brings over a box of receipts, and she recorded things that have already been done. The bookkeeper doesn't have the opportunity to talk to their clients and business owners and ask, "I see that X number of dollars came out of your account on the 15th of the month. I've recorded it properly for you, however... was there something that you might have needed?"

It's already happened!

There's no opportunity to have the client strategize priorities. Janet was just left with the facts, and when they go over suddenly they need to use a line of credit to make payroll the following week.

Bookkeeping is more reactive, and for Janet, she likes to be more proactive.

That's when she gained her certification as a certified profit-first professional. Janet uses the information and reports that the bookkeepers provide, and takes that to look proactively at where the business owner wants to go.

Owning a Business as a Mom

Janet really enjoys working with women entrepreneurs, especially moms who are running their businesses and have a family to run as well. As a mom of two teenagers, two dogs, a husband: Janet gets it. She understands ALSO running a business at the same time presents a lot of challenges! Simply trying to organize your time is the first challenge. Time is not something moms have a lot of, and you don't get it back if it's wasted or if you focus on the wrong things. So Janet has a passion for helping women run their businesses and providing a consistent paycheck for their family household. She's been there, juggling 3 credit cards every change of season because kids need winter boots, rubber boots when it starts to rain, new winter clothes, or sports equipment.... the list goes on!

If she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn't have had the 3 credit cards back then. And Janet believes you don't need to either!

As moms, we take that all on ourselves and the last thing that we need to worry about is how the business is going to make money. So let's make this money thing as simple as possible.

Questions to Ask

The first question to ask: what do you want? What does success look like for you? Because every single person has a different definition of success! It is so often the numbers game with your business. It's all about growing your sales and then spending it to reduce your expenses.

But what happens when your the person who's owning the business? You forget about yourself and your own tax obligations. You're always the end result. So when Janet works with a client, she takes a step back and asks, “Okay - what's your home life? Do you have a double income? How many children do you have?”

*Due note: Janet doesn’t have to work with moms, but that's where she’s most familiar!

She starts there, then she looks at what your business needs to do in your sales plus carry all of its own obligations and pay yourself and drive your profit. She does it all together. It is possible to pay yourself a decent wage and hit those goals!

Free your Mind From Worry

When you set up your finances so you're covering your business and your wages, it is freeing your mind from worry. Especially if a husband isn't necessarily supportive. Janet hears quite often, “My husband just tells me to get a real job."

Okay, let's stop that.

Let's stop him nagging you to get a real job because if you just make a few tweaks to the numbers, he won't be saying that anymore.

Janet - not your ordinary coach

Janet is not your ordinary coach, because she’s actually your partner. She doesn’t view herself as an expense on your profit and loss statement. She views herself as an investment. You have shared goals, hopes dreams, and Janet will guide and support you to reach those dreams.

She is with you every step of the way. She is here to invest because she wants to see you succeed. She knows what it can do, what it has done for her mindset, and what it's done for her personal family.

She also just likes talking to people! So that's a bonus!

Janet's Business Tips

1. Give Yourself a Bonus

If you're currently operating only one bank account for your business, Janet advises opening a second bank account. Twice a month, choose your dates - whether it be the 1st, 15th, 10th, or the 25th... on those days, whatever balance is currently showing in that main bank account take one percent of it and put it in your second account.

And forget about it. Let's say you have a thousand dollars. One percent of that is 10 dollars. Put 10 dollars into that bank account twice a month for 3 months and build your profit account.

At the end of every 3 months, that profit is your reward just for owning your business. You subliminally taught yourself to only use the money that's in the main bank account. the theory is, if you can run your business on a thousand dollars every month, you can run it on $990

2. Gain Efficiencies

Always strive to gain efficiencies. Ask yourself a couple of questions like:

  • Is there anything in your business that you're currently doing just because you've always done it that way?

  • Is their technology that is available to help you streamline some of your processes to maybe help you save some time in your business?

A common example: if you find yourself writing the same email to clients over and over and over again... make it a template! Super simple, but it saves you time!

3. Work in your Zone of Genius

Another good question if you are a business owner with team members, ask yourself: is it working? Are they working in their zone of genius?

In other words, are they doing tasks that might be more practical for you to outsource, or find other ways to get them done? That's where technology can come into play. Just make sure that you are all working on your strengths. That will create efficiency in your business to help propel everything forward.

4. Take a Step Back

You can be so inundated on the hamster wheel of working in your business that you forget to take a step back and kind of look at it from an outside perspective.

Things could be happening in your industry that you need to be aware of. Maybe mark with your competitors or the changes happening in your industry. Is your business able to adapt to these changes?

How to Work with Janet

There are a couple of ways that you can work with Janet. She has group coaching, video coaching, as well as one-to-one coaching. Janet gives you options!

Group Coaching

Group coaching might have up to 10 other business owners (not necessarily in the same industry, because she can't control that). If you're the type of person who wants to just learn and listen to other business owners and learn from each other, this might be an option for you.

Within her group coaching, you have some options as well. You could do a 6 week intensive with Janet where she teaches you to live via Zoom. You go hard at it for 6 weeks and implement all of the practical strategies.

Another way is through self-paced videos. Good for self-paced learners, and you have access to Janet for a week. That's a 3-month video coaching service.

One to One

One to one is a little bit more intense. You implement all of the same strategies you do with the group coaching programs, but Janet gets more detailed and more dialed into who you are as a person and your business. She can define a strategy specific to you.

What Janet is Learning Right Now

Janet recommends the book called Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy. Janet is a practical thinker, and the book includes 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. It's super simple and a great easy read!

Janet is also Ukrainian and so with the Christmas holidays coming up (when we were recording this interview), she’s just trying to zone in on her relationship with how many perogies she’s going to eat for Christmas! 😂

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