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Social Media Manager for Christian Business Owners | Sharisse Legata

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Today we get to travel to the Philippines and connect with Sharisse! Sharisse is a social media manager who wholeheartedly applies what she has learned to your business. She helps business owners show up online, stay on brand, and be consistent on their social media - and who doesn’t need help with that!? You will love her genuine approach to social media and be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and keep doing the next thing to grow your business!

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About Sharisse

Sharisse is a social media manager from the Philippines! Her job is to help manage business owners' brands and services on social media. When the pandemic hit, Sharisse stepped into the social media industry as the need for a strong social media presence increased. She really enjoys working in this field, writing content, and using Canva to create appealing graphics.

Who Sharisse Serves

Sharisse is passionate about serving Christian entrepreneurs. As a Christian herself, she finds that she connects and resonates most with their values. She can see that for them, it is more than just making money, and more about how they use their business to serve with purpose. Sharisse loves coming alongside Christian entrepreneurs to help them live out their calling.

Is Social Media more than just Posting Stuff?

Sharisse explains that social media management is not simply posting things occasionally, but requires strategy and knowledge of the audience you are striving to connect with. She stresses the importance of showing up and being consistent, so when your ideal customer or client needs what you offer - you are who they think of and reach out to first.

Sharisse really pushes herself in her own business to reach out to others, engage in their DM's, and simply show up and let them know what she's all about. A lot of social media is about positioning yourself in such a way that people can find you when they need you. This is what Sharisse is all about!

Sharisse Strengths

One of Sharisse's strengths lies in that she is punctual and a hard worker! Her ability to consistently show up for her customers and be consistent in her work is a huge asset to other businesses! Through this, she can make a big impact on her client's accounts. She is just one call away, and she is there for you!

What is Sharisse Learning Right Now?

Right now Sharisse is learning all about the art of discovery calls but also learning how to be the brand of her business. As an introvert, Sharisse has had to step out of her comfort zone to put herself out there. She has practiced reaching out to people every day, going live, and speaking in her second language, English. Her mentor has helped her learn so much about this, and she is able to take what she has learned personally in own her business and apply it to her client's business as well.

Sharisee has learned the power of building relationships online. It is important to build your network and create a trail that leads to your online business. It is not simply selling things!

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