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What Discovery Call Podcast is all About + Podcast Management

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

So what is this Discovery Call podcast all about? Today I will share with you how this podcast came to be, and much more in this episode!

Plus, towards the end, you get to listen to my discovery call and hear how I fuse together my multi-passionate business to serve businesses owners. God is so good at how He pulls things together!

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Looking for the links from the show notes? Jump on over HERE!

Welcome to the Discovery Call podcast. I am so excited that you're here, you made it to the first episode! If you can't tell already, I am pumped! Today's episode is going to be a little different than what you're going to expect in future episodes. For one, there is no guest, you just get me today. I wanted to spend some time talking to you about this podcast so you can understand what it's all about, and what you can expect going forward. I also plan on throwing a little bit about me at the end as well.

What is Discovery Call Podcast?

The explanation is right in the name! Oftentimes, service providers will offer free discovery calls, so that business owners can hop on Zoom and get to know them and see if they'd be a good fit. I will lead discovery calls, but on the podcast. The idea for this podcast came from observing two dichotomies that I see in the online business world. When you first start off as a service provider, (let's just use virtual assistants as an example) you get everything ready. You set up your logo, maybe even made your website, and everything is ready to go. But now you need to let everyone know you're open for business. But how?

There are so many ways to do this. You can obviously, go to your own network and let them know. and that does get you somewhere. However, the world wide web also needs to know that you're here and you're ready to work. There are a couple of different ways you go about this, one way is basically what you would call "cold emailing." You find someone you like to work with, and you propose your services. This can work, especially if you master writing the cold email (you don't just copy and paste the same one to everybody, right? there's a way to do it!) But sometimes it can feel like you're throwing out proposals into the wind.

One time, I was on Facebook, doing my thing, and a business owner was lamenting. Just a week prior, she shared with everybody what her company does, and then every single day after she received up to 10 business proposals. She was sharing her frustrations, saying, "Oh, my goodness, this is ridiculous. I do not want your help. If I want your help, I'll find you!" In the comments, one business owner said

"Welcome to owning a business."

So how many of us have felt that dichotomy? If you're a business owner, how many times have you just kind of rolled your eyes after getting one more proposal in your inbox? And service providers, how often have you inwardly groaned at pitching one more cold email? To a certain degree, this is just the name of the game. Right? And I think as business owners check their attitude at the door a bit. Someone saw them and thought they were successful enough to maybe take them on. I remember just thinking...

"Man, if there was just a way, we could just do these discovery calls publicly, so when the business owners are looking, or curious, they can listen in on their own time."

And then it dawned on me: I could totally do this on a podcast!

What to Expect on the Podcast

Every week you can expect a new episode hosting a discovery call with a service provider. There will be a variety of service providers on the podcast, so businesses can explore the options available to them.

However, I don't just want to interview service providers. I also want to interview business owners! They can give advice on how they manage and do their outsourcing, and provide tips and share things they wish they knew 10 years ago (or when they started.) This will be a space where we can learn and grow as business owners.

There will also be some "new and noteworthy" episodes. This is where I'm going to lift up the new business owner and give them a platform to let the world know they're open for business. This would not be the episodes to skip! There is something so awesome working with people who are new and starting off, they have such fresh energy and an aptitude to learn!

I am Here to Support YOUR Business!

This podcast is my flag in the sand, announcing that I choose to celebrate and lift up other businesses. It is pretty easy to view fellow business owners as competition (and in some ways, I guess they are.) It can also feel like this system is overwhelmed with other business owners who are doing the same thing as you are.

But here's the thing: there's only one business that is like yours.

It becomes all about finding your people! Because you're not going to be able to serve every business out there, but you will be able to serve the ones that click with you, ones that need your specific skill set! I am going to celebrate your strengths, your awesome sauce, and your wins. I am going to lift you up and cheer you on! Because owning your own business and putting yourself out there is no joke.

I'm not about comparing myself to others, it is a bitter root that just kills you. You will either view yourself as superior to others or inferior - and when you do this it really really impacts your ability to serve, market, and get yourself out there. Our business only works when we are all growing and succeeding.

Want to be a Guest?!

I am looking for guests to be on the podcast! I have already received a ton of responses, and my goodness, you are all testing my Trello board organization skills! (I am really proud of it, honestly)

These are the kinds of guests I'm looking for:

  1. I'm definitely looking for some business owners who want to just share their tips and tricks and all their awesomeness.

  2. I continue to look for service providers, graphic designers, copywriters, coaches, bookkeepers, and so on. Anyone who serves businesses online, I want you! I really want a good, diverse collection of job titles.

So if that is you, or you know someone who is just rocking it out, let them know! The best way to get this started is by emailing me!

About Dani Hamlet

Alright, so who is this lady?

I live in Michigan! I met my husband at a homeless shelter...not exactly the place you would start looking for the man of your dreams! But he worked there and I volunteered, we fell in love and got married (I make it sound so simple, but that's essentially what happened.) We have three kids together, two boys and a girl, and we have our rescue dog Kudo!

My Business:

I help busy business owners manage their content. I provide virtual assistants for your business, through content creation (I really love podcasts for this!)

When I started my virtual assistant business, I was really serving a lot of small churches and church plants. Through my experience of being on the core team of a local church plant, I really understood how to support startups and create the administration from the ground up.

I basically became a virtual assistant, because I was trying to do everything from home.

This was the skill set I already had when I started transitioning from teaching English online, to serving other businesses through virtual assistance.

I taught English for six years, so this naturally lead into content writing and copywriting for small businesses!

I really love the project management side of content creation. I help create systems so that we are batching our content, and I help business owners not be a slave to their content creation.

My whole motto is to let your content serve you, not the other way around.

It is what drives me to serve my clients in efficient, creative ways the help them show up online and broaden their audience.

Podcast Management

I have ALWAYS loved podcasts! I started listening to podcast probably about 10 years ago, back when podcasts were just starting to get some traction. I literally remember listening to podcasts on my laptop. No joke! I am not sure if that's just because my phone was just not smart enough, or what. But this memory makes me smile now.

But when I began to realize that I could use my content marketing, writing, virtual assistant skills, and love for podcast all in one service, it was like a light bulb went off.

And this is where I added Podcast Management to my services! Today, I just want to share the reasons why I think podcasts are awesome, and why business owners benefit from having a podcast for their business:

  1. This is one of the best ways to get your content out there, and one of my favorite ways to do content marketing. First of all, audio is an easy way to build trust with your listeners. It is also a different platform, thus broadening your reach. If you are showing up on your podcast week in and week out, and you're helping them solve a problem in their life, you are gold. And that's because every business solves a problem, right?! You can start there and build something awesome.

  2. This one really gets me excited. There are so many uses and applications for podcasts! It doesn't just have to be audio you passively listen to. You can get creative. Podcast literally taught me how to train my dog, one podcast provides music and interval training you can listen to during your cardio workouts. I know of podcasts that help people learn a new language! One of my favorites help moms build communities, providing discussion questions for each episode to discuss in small groups. You may think, "my business just won't work on a podcast" and I am positive we can think of ways it can!

  3. This is the copywriter in me coming out, but podcasts provide an EXCELLENT content marketing funnel. From one episode you can make it into a blog, from there it goes into your social media, and so on. You can stop having to reinvent the wheel, and use your podcast as a springboard.

  4. My goal is to help business owners get out of the content-creating cycle. It is the difference between living paycheck to paycheck or having some room in your budget. Content creating has to be consistent and regular, on top of everything else you are doing, and it can really feel like a never-ending hamster wheel. This is where my content-creating systems come into place, and I give business owners some relief.

Those are just a FEW reasons why I think a podcast will serve you well! And as you can tell, I love it. You will too!

Free Strategy Session!

I wanted to also let you know about an opportunity that I have right now. If you are a business owner and are interested in starting a podcast, or maybe you have been wanting to for a while, you can book a free strategy call. For 30 minutes we can talk all about your business and strategize how a podcast can serve you. Or! Maybe you are stuck in that content creation cycle and would like some help - book a call!

Let's Connect!

Beyond subscribing to the podcast, I have a few things for you to do today: 1) Share the podcast with your network and help build this community. Take a screenshot, and go! 2) Interested in being a guest on the podcast? Email me at 3) Book a free strategy session today HERE and let's talk about your business!

4) Want to join the Facebook group? YES, you do! Go to Discovery Call Podcast

You can find me on Instagram and my website is

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