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Money Coach

I recommend all of the individuals listed on this page! You can listen to their episodes or read their articles. You can find their contact information in the blog and show notes.

*I work hard to make sure everything is up to date, if you ever find someone on this list who has incorrect links or information, or if you reached out to them and never heard back, please let me know. 

Janet Mercredi Podcast Cover.png

Money Coach | Janet Mercredi

Janet firmly believes that owning your own business comes with its challenges, but struggling to survive should NOT be one of them. Janet helps get your financial house in order so you can focus on WHY your business exists rather than HOW it exists! She will show you how to get paid a consistent wage from your business, plus a bonus every quarter. Janet is not just an expense in your business, she is a partner in your business and always has your back.

Candice Podcast Cover.png

Money Coach & Author | Candice-Bakx-Friesen

Candice is a money coach who helps make your goals become reality. She helps those who are in crisis or those who wish to avoid a crisis situation. Engaged in the necessary conversation with Candice and learn how to manage your money in a way that serves you, not the other way around.

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