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Life Coach

I recommend all of the individuals listed on this page! You can listen to their episodes or read their articles. You can find their contact information in the blog and show notes.

*I work hard to make sure everything is up to date, if you ever find someone on this list who has incorrect links or information, or if you reached out to them and never heard back, please let me know. 

Kelsey Graffis Podcast Cover.png

Empowerment Coach - Kelsey Graffis


Kelsey helps women stranded in people-pleaser mode to reclaim themselves to live their most empowered life by making themselves the priority. Women give and continue to give so much to others, and this cycle often leads to burnout. When you realize life isn’t meant to feel this way, Kelsey is ready to help you get back in touch with who you are to your core. She knows what it takes and how it feels to finally step into an empowered life.

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