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Business Management Advice

I recommend all of the individuals listed on this page! You can listen to their episodes or read their articles. You can find their contact information in the blog and show notes.

*I work hard to make sure everything is up to date, if you ever find someone on this list who has incorrect links or information, or if you reached out to them and never heard back, please let me know. 

Podcast cover Kathie York.png

Kathie York - How to Build "Non-Overwhelm" in your Business


Kathie shares tips and tricks on how to build “non-overwhelm’ into your business processes. Kathie comes with a bag full of advice that has been proven true in her own life, and you will not want to miss out on this episode. I fell in love right away with her wisdom, humor, and generosity to help other business owners not just survive their business, but enjoy it too.

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