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Business Coach

I recommend all of the individuals listed on this page! You can listen to their episodes or read their articles. You can find their contact information in the blog and show notes.

*I work hard to make sure everything is up to date, if you ever find someone on this list who has incorrect links or information, or if you reached out to them and never heard back, please let me know. 

Shelly Beys Podcast Cover.png

Business & Life Coach - Shelly Bays


Shelly Bays brings decades of experience to her coaching career and helps business owners level up so that they can level up their business. Shelly focuses on developing leaders and to do the hard work on themselves so that they can lead well and grow their business. She believes in setting up your tribe, and leading with integrity!

Alesha Smith podcast cover.png

Productivity & Accountability Coach - Alesha Smith


Alesha Smith is passionate about helping you get unstuck in your business and find ways to turn your procrastination into productivity. She is a master of systems, schedules, and organization and shares some of her tried and true tips with us. Alesha believes that small changes make lasting impacts. This episode gives a taste of what it would be like to work with Alesha!

Angela Sundust - podcast cover.png

Live Launch Expert and Business Strategist - Angela Sundust


Angela Sundust knows how to help you scale up your business (even if you do not have a large audience) by teaching you how to speak to your intended audience with clarity and elevate yourself above the rest. She brings clarity and what to focus on and is the kind of powerhouse you want by your side!

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